Laptops Under 300 Dollars: What Are Your Choices?

Best Laptops Under 300With Laptops Under 300 dollars there are a very small number of candidates to choose from, and to best understand the category we have to define what the requirements are to qualify.

So to start with I’m not going to recommend a Chromebook or a Netbook as these are not classified as your everyday laptop.

Of course if you were looking for a laptop just to browse the internet with, then a Samsung Chromebook is ideal. As much as we are Apple fans, you are not going to be able to get an Apple laptop for under 300 dollars unless it’s broken or has been heavily used!

So unfortunately your choices are limited at this price, but if you can afford an extra $50 to $100 at maximum you will notice a big difference with the performance of the laptop brand you choose.

For an extra $52.38 you can get the Gateway NE56R34u 15.6-Inch Laptop which is a huge leap in power and performance just for that little bit extra. If however you are stuck on price then see the options below:

[label style="warning"]BEST LAPTOPS UNDER 300: THESE ARE YOUR OPTIONS:[/label]


Putting all other topics aside I will show what your choices are for the best laptops under 300 dollars…

Besides the price of the main 5 chosen laptops under 300 dollars, they have qualified for consideration because they are able to:

run an office suite
perform basic graphics
surf the Internet with ease
run multiple programs simultaneously
To perform these essential tasks, the hardware requirements are:

a good mobile processor
a minimum of 2 Gb of RAM
enough disk space to store a goodly number of photos and music
Wi-Fi enabled

Best Laptops Under 300 Dollars: You have 2 Best Choices!

The ASUS X201E-DH01 11.6-Inch Laptop really is the Ultimate and best laptop that you are going to get for less than 300 dollars.

Asus Laptops under 300

What you get for $299.99:

Screen Size: 11.6 inches
Screen Resolution: 1366_x_768
Max Screen Resolution: 1366×768 pixels
Processor: 1.1 GHz Celeron 847
Hard Drive: 320 GB
Graphics Coprocessor: Intel GMA HD
Wireless Type: 802.11bgn
Number of USB 2.0 Ports:  2
Number of USB 3.0 Ports:  1

The Asus brand are amongst the best laptop brands to choose from and although at this price you are a little bit limited on specifications to choose from, this is still a great little piece of kit.

In the carousel above I have put on display 6 different laptops in total. 5 of them are under $300, but the Gateway NE56R34u 15.6-Inch Laptop is an extra $52.38!

For that little bit extra you will get a top laptop brand, that although is not a laptop under 300 dollars it is worth spending that little bit extra investment on quality.

Acer Laptops Under 300
The Acer Aspire One AO756-2626 11.6-Inch Laptop is your second best choice and is a tidy laptop for less than 300 bucks.

What you get for $299.99:

Screen Size 11.6 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
Processor 1.1 GHz Apple A4
Hard Drive 320 GB SATA
Graphics Coprocessor Intel HD Graphics
Graphics Card Ram Size 128 MB
Wireless Type 802.11bgn
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 3
Average Battery Life (in hours) 4 hours


If you are considering to spend just a little bit more and you’re not too sure on “What is the best laptop brand” for you, or you want to see other possible options then go to our home page where we show you what the best laptop brands are and at varying prices too.

What else is there?

There’s not really much else to say on this subject other than it is tough to get a decent amount of choice for laptops under 300 dollars.

Both Asus and Acer are very popular and in demand at varying price levels. To be honest though you will struggle to get a powerful laptop under 300 dollars brand new, but it is always worth visiting Amazon for Special Deals…

What experience do you have on this matter?

We would love to hear from you, so please comment with any questions or debates below…


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